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Monday, April 27, 2009

yearn for the happy and transient days

Four days and nights, we spent together.Take replica watches together.

For nearly twelve years, i have benn loving him who has been married.

The reason why he came was very simple, just to see whether i am living is ok.

We talked some but not many private things, mainly it't about my feeling.

He accompanied me to pick strawberries in the farmer's greenhouse; We flied a kite in a small park; and we went across the Changjinag bridge hand by hand.

We saw some words written by others on the bridge " this is the first time i come Wu Han, and this is the first time i arrived at Changjinag bridge, but the feeling that walking through the river with holding hands together will be remembered forever". Then i held his hands and asked him " will you remember the feeling". He didn't give me an answer. I pursued asking and he just said why would you ask me the question as you're sure know the answer is yes. i smiled.

This time, we hugged, we kissed, but we didn't have sex. I believed he wouldn;t hurt me and i believed i wound't hurt somebody. he was a good man , at least in my heart, but he belongs to somebody not me.

He left and i saw him off. When i turned back from him , tears falling down through my faces. I knew it's time i lay down the connecting feeling.

Wish him happiness in the future . wish myself start new life.