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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swiss Watches Exhibitors’ Committee

The first fact to note is that concerns linked to the sub-primes crisis were not felt on the booths. There is even talk among Swiss watchmakers of double-digit growth compared with the BASELWORLD 2007. As Fran?ois ThiĆ©baud, President of the Swiss Exhibitors’ Committee, pointed out, strong demand from emerging countries. While the designer handbag is the ultimate luxury accessory to a lot of women, having a trendy handbag is an easy way to match up a simple outfit at such budget-cognizant times.

As far as design is concerned, geometrical shapes, especially round ones, are interpreted in unusual ways, while a play on volumes and colours is cleverly staged on generously sized cases and dials. Daring gem-settings and meticulous finishing, combined with cleverly associated noble or innovative materials, were also key features of the new releases for 2009.Whether you want to leave a mark out there in the corporate world, or you want a convenient bag while you’re out shopping, modern day woman demands both performance and style..Rolex watches are fabulous.