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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Choose a Suitable and Stylish Electronic Product for Your Boyfriend

There is no more than one month away from our Christmas Day, showing love to our family and to our loves is essential for almost all of us anywhere. And then what kind of gifts would be suitable as gifts for our boyfriends is a puzzling concern with the near of the festival. No. 1 DC-K20N High-definition Digital Camera Most of us would like to travel around our country, around the world, and when we get at some beautiful scenic spots, we would like to record some wonderful memories. Thus sending a digital camera to your boyfriend is a good choice. Take a look at the following cameral. The 2. 7”big display LTPS LCD screen, the 8X digital zoom, the image sensor of Image sensor: 5. 0 MP CMOS (MAX. 12MP), the FF lens, the shutter speed: of 1/2-1/2, 000 sec, the exposure control: ±2. 0EV, supporting format of JPEG and AVI, all the specifications and traits of this camera in a low price about only $50 can attract us all. No. 2 Hot-Selling MP4 Most of us have had experience in waiting for bus, waiting for subway, waiting for killing time on the train or in the plane, which could be quite boring. Thus a MP4 player could be another wonderful choice for your boyfriend. Take a glance at the following MP4 player. The 1. 8 inch TFT screen, the function of voice-recording for a long time, the seven playing modes, the in-built FM radio and speaker, the big holding capacity of 8GB, supporting audio of MP3, WMV, WAV and video of AMV, all these traits with a low price of about only $28 can win your second glace we believe. No. 3 Ball-Shaped Vibrating Body Massager In modern society, there are no other things more important than health. After working for a whole day, all of us would be tired, and what we would like to do is just to relax our body and mind. Thus sending a body massager to your boyfriend would a good idea. Take a look at this ball-shaped vibrating body massager. It is able to use this body massager anywhere, no matter at your office or at your home. Just relax yourself after a whole-day work with this small electronic gadget, which would be great for all your body.