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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your Leather Handbag - Necessary Items for Cleaning

It occurs to most people that they award themselves a pricy luxurious leather handbag only to later find that it was smudged due to improper maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance methods for various kinds of leather differ from each other, yet they do share come elements in common. In some cases, emulsifying agent such as alcohol is used to clean off the stains and dissolve dirt on the surface.

For substituting lost natural oils and regaining pliability, other kinds of gently moisturizing or conditioning substance would be employed into use. The most common way to keep good maintenance of leather handbags is using simple household items for a thorough cleaning. The following would unveil ways to take good care of your leather handbags.

Necessary Items for Cleaning

Rubbing alcohol
For better effect, the rubbing alcohol should be no less than 65 to 70 percent solution.

Cotton Balls Light Oil
Other options available are soy, flax see, olive, safflower, etc.

Step One
First brush rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball.

Step Two
Dab the dirty area gently with the cotton ball. Heavy rubbing should be avoided in case of being ruined.

Step Three
Keep the alcohol uninterrupted on the bag surface for approximately 15 minutes or until it gets dried.

Step Four
Dab the dirty area with the alcohol-soaked cotton ball mildly to check whether the stain has been dissolved or improved a bit. If you are not content with the result, repeat the above procedures. If the result is satisfied, then follow the next step.

Step Five
Throw away the alcohol-soaked ball, and apply a small quantity of oil onto a new one. Smear it lightly onto the area where the alcohol was employed. Sweep away redundant oil with a fresh dry cotton ball before carrying out your leather handbag.