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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to wear your watch with picture tell you

Want to know how to wear your wath? Just spend a few minutes and you wll know what is the best way to wear your watches.

I read a post in a watches community where someone ask how to wear a watch:

First, let’s look at how Chinese traditional medicine teach you how to wear your unique watch.

In the traditional medicine of China, men’s blood folw from heart twig to left side, but women is contra. Therefor man wear watch with right hand, women wear left hand. Otherwise, your watches will affect your health.

Here is four ways to wear your watch

First, just follw your heart whatever ways you wear your watch as long as you fell comfortable.

Upside Down

I don’t like this way to wear my watch for it make me fell weird

Over Your Shirt

Some people like this way to show his own style.

Either “My skin is sensitive to metal” or “I got dressed in the dark.”


Great..Fell free to wear whatever you like.

“It belonged to my grandfather. He was a heavyset man.”

Not at All

“I consider myself a free spirit. I write on unlined paper. Also, I am never on time, ever.”

A few more tips on wearing your watch to better enjoy your watch world

1.Please take off watch before sleep.especial luminous watch, it with if sleeping with watch not only reduce watch life but also will bring bad effect to your health.

2.Turn watch crown about 20–30 times when first wear.

3.Avoid watch touch water,steam ,high temperature and rusty air,also speaker, TV etc

4.Get rid of the humidity by slicon rubber grain if watch wet.

5.Drop some watch with teeth paste and clear, the watch will be like new one.

Friday, April 10, 2009

How to buy Designer Handbags Online

The imitation bags will use much cheaper materials, and this is not the only difference either. Typically with imitation bags the stitching will not be as impressive. You may see that there is sloppy stitching or stitching on random areas of the bag, which is something that no luxury designer would allow on their products

Designer Replica Handbags.jpg

Where to Shop

Now that you have learned more about a replica handbag and what it is, if you are still interested in getting one so that you can save yourself a few bucks, there are a couple of great retailers that you are going to want to check out. Handbag Heaven is one of the top replica handbag retailers in the world, and thousands of people make purchases here every day.

They offer some imitation designs of some of the top handbag designers in the world such as Michael Kors, Fendi and Prada. Their style are so alikeness that even some of the good designers would find it not easy to tell the difference. The only person that is going to know you do not have the real thing is you, so you will be able to fool all of your family and friends.

High Replica is another esteemed store that you can rely in, one that provides replica bags and they are not frightened to agree it. That one is the biggest warning signs, when you get a company that offers you replica bags and trying to show that they are authentic, as they are trying to get more and more money from you.

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How To Find Ideal Replica watches

Do you really know what is a replica watch?

Many people just know they can't affort much money to the top original watch and then someone just suggest to get a replica one. Wel , keep in mind that you should done your job before you spend money on what called replica but still cost you two or three hundred dollars.

Here is some useful information come from replica watches report about what is replca watches, what is "Swiss" replica and what is "Asian" replicas?

About what is a replica watches:

A replica watch is a functional or partially functional copy of an original watch design created by a famous manufacturer. In my opinion a watch that doesn't function (is a prop) should be defined by the term "fake."

About what are "Swiss" replicas?

The term "Swiss" refers to the quality of the watch, usually indicating that the movement is made in Switzerland. This movement is typically made by ETA (replica breitling watch). "Swiss" quality replicas are some of the best in the industry, and tend to use similar materials that were used in the original watch.

"Swiss" replicas tend to cost more than other examples, giving their manufacturers more leeway to use more expensive materials in their construction. Swiss replicas will use sapphire crystals and higher quality dials.

Note that "Swiss", "Japanese", and "Asian" in reference to replicas are broad terms covering a lot of ground. A "Swiss" watch may be of lower quality than a "Japanese" example; since there is no quality control in the manufacturing of replicas quality varies greatly from watch to watch.

About What are "Japanese" replicas watches?

The term "Japanese" replica refers to the quality and origin of the movement in the watch. "Japanese" movements are usually of lesser quality than the Swiss movements, but are also less expensive. This means the overall cost of the watch is less than Swiss replicas. "Japanese" replicas also typically use inferior materials in their construction compared to the original watch.

About What are "Asian" replicas?

"Asian" replicas are made of very inferior materials. They are easy to spot as replicas because they are lighter and flimsier than the original. "Asian" replicas are common items in Chinatown, and can be purchased for around $30.

"Asian" replicas are what many people think of when the term replica watch is brought up in conversation. They are cheap imitations of the original mass produced for tourists. These watches will use cheap pot metal cases plated over to imitate stainless steel. Also glass and plastic crystals are common. Even plastic parts in the movement have been known. There's little difficulty in spotting a replica of this quality; they don't look like five thousand dollar watches.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

what’s important, and what’s not important?

I had no Girl Friend due to my short height, I feel very bad , people often laughed at me due to no watch....
BRAND REPUTATION is IMPORTANT - Learn about the reputation of the watch(as breitling watch,cartier watch,iwc watches) manufacturer. Don't ask watch-store sales people, they often are staggeringly ignorant on watches and often speak a lot of authoritative sounding nonsense, half-facts and downright wrong information. Instead, ask people who already own the types and brands of watches you are considering. Post questions on Internet forums dedicated to watches.

RESALE VALUE is IMPORTANT, but ONLY IF YOU UNDERSTAND IT CORRECTLY-- Many buyers have lost lots of their money on poor watch purchase decisions made based on poorly understood measures of "high resale" value. People usually incorrectly focus on how much of their investment they will get back if they resell a watch. But you should instead be focusing on how much you gain or lose in the transaction.

KNOWING WHAT YOU BUY is MORE IMPORTANT than BUYING WHAT YOU KNOW-- Often, the best brands of luxury products in terms of quality and value are ones the 'average Joe' may seldom if ever hear of. Rolex and Tag Heuer are the two premium watch brands that are best known to the general public. But simply being popular is not a guarantee that those brands are your best choice or the only high quality, high value products the market has to offer. It is far more beneficial for you to research all your options instead of blindly selecting among the few brands that are 'household names.' You may still end up choosing one of their watches--but do so out of knowledge of your choices, not ignorance of them.

BRAND HISTORY is of SOME IMPORTANCE-- While many brands trace their heritage back 100 years or more, you need to consider how informative this is based on whether the watch you are about to purchase is better because of the experience this history implies, or is merely riding on the coat-tails of ancient successes or bought out fine names of long ago. A number of modern brands bearing fine names are mere shells of what their companies meant decades ago. Look at their new models and compare them to the older models for sale on used watch dealer sites and Internet auctions. Are 5 year old models of this brand worth anything? Are the much older models worth more than more recent ones? These can be signs of dramatic changes in the quality of watches from a manufacturer.

WATCH MOVEMENT DETAILS are usually of LITTLE IMPORTANCE-- Unless you are an expert, connoisseur or collector, do not worry to much about the details of the movement inside a watch beyond whether it is a) quartz, b) certified mechanical (Chronometer), or c) non-certified mechanical. Frankly, most watches from any premium brand are sufficiently fine devices for keeping time that will give you several decades of use if properly maintained. Technical details of the mechanical "movement" (the actual mechanism inside the watch) are seldom particularly important unless the watch you are buying is over $10,000 or has some unique functions. Over 98% of mechanical watches made mainly tell the time, date, and maybe include chronograph functions. All mechanical watches with just these basic features use technology invented over 75 years ago, and nobody has really improved it since then. So do not waste time fooling yourself into believing one standard mechanical watch mechanism is perceptibly different from another--especially to the extent of paying more for one watch over another based on that attribute alone.

Many fine watchmakers try to give the feel that their expensive products are finely hand crafted. They do this by creating an image of your watch being made by generation old families of dedicated watch craftsmen, in a quaint village in the Swiss Alps, with movements made by the same people who make the rest of the watch, each crafted over long periods of time. But all of that is nothing more than romantic baloney designed to make you feel better about spending so much money on a watch. The truth is that very few watches under US $20,000 are hand crafted. Most are mass produced by machines in large quantities. Even the highly reputed Rolex is mass produced--they make over a million watches a year! Notions of the movement of the watch being better if made 'in-house' than if made by a separate company (even if owned by the same parent organization) are antiquated concepts that have little to no meaning in the modern age of large corporations and mass production. In fact, it is the modern techniques of mass production that ensure the higher level of consistency and quality that we enjoy of modern watches.

PRICE is NOT IMPORTANT -- "What?" you say? Price not important? That's right--it is not!! Price is only one measure of the value and deal you are getting. What good is a low price alone when the dealer is unable or unwilling to resolve a problem and you have no recourse with the manufacturer because you bought through an unauthorized cut-price dealer? What good is saving an extra few percent on a very expensive purchase if the product never arrives, turns out to be a counterfeit look-alike product, lacks good warranty coverage, or otherwise will disappoint you or cost you more money in the long run? So always choose your watch over the value you will receive for your money, not simply the lowest price for something that looks like what you wanted.

NUMBER OF JEWELS INSIDE THE WATCH is NOT IMPORTANT -- The number of jewels in the watch movement are normally prominently mentioned as if they really meant something. But in fact they are a just a red herring. These are not jewels of value. They are small synthetic ruby elements used as extremely low friction pivots for a few critical parts of a watch mechanism. They are worth only a few pennies and do not add value to a watch. The exact number that is appropriate for any watch movement depends on the exact design and functions of the movement. It is perfectly normal for two watch movements with identical performance and functions to use a different number of jewels. A standard mechanical movement usually requires a minimum of 17 jewels--but beyond that, more is not better in any way that you could interpret.

Consider the watch's life expectancy

Consider the watch's life expectancy

Another important consideration in your purchase of a watch is the life expectancy of the timepiece.

The life of mechanical watches can be almost infinite, as long as skilled watchmakers are available. Their finely crafted parts can be repaired, replaced and even remade by a skilled watchmaker.

Since quartz watches contain electronic components, their parts often cannot be repaired, but must instead be replaced. The life of a quartz watch can certainly be limited by the availability of those parts.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Love Cartier Replica Watches

I love watches. as cartier watches.I have loved all timepieces since I can remember and one of the things that I like to do when I have some free time is to window shop watches. I was at a local mall one day and I saw one that I could not take my eyes off of. It was classic in appearance but just modern enough that it really appealed to me. The watch was a Cartier Balloon Bleu.

I went home after a few hours of browsing around and was still thinking about the beautiful Replica Cartier watch that I had seen. I opened my laptop and searched the watch to find out more about it and found out that there are replica watches that look just like the real thing. The replica Cartier watches were remarkable and I decided that I would purchase one. When it arrived it took my breath away and I have worn it with pride each and every time. It looks and feels like the real thing and I catch people looking at it everywhere I go! I could not be more pleased with my watch!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Twitter and Facebook Can Drive the Media to You

Now all people join the twitter or the facebook,do you tink tihs who can drive the media to us ....

Social networking stands to be a strong training ground for media readiness, and entrepreneurs must pay attention to sites like Twitter and Facebook for a crash course in free media training.

If you want to get consistently called upon for expert commentary, you need to speak in catchy sound bites. What better place to practice than the quick pitch social networking worlds of Twitter and Facebook?

These four tips will help you leverage your social networking presence so it can serve as a media readiness tool. Remember: the media will go online first to check out your credibility. Use social networking as a PR strategy to reinforce your position as a sought after, credible expert.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What Do You Think the Cartier Replica

Today I suft the net and see the news:replica shoping will trun stronger.As follow:
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I find the Cartier is another idea...the Cartier Yacht-Master Automatic Full Gold with Golden Dial.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

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