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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cartier With High Quality And Top Craftsmanship

Cartier With High Quality And Top Craftsmanship

Being a top luxury brand, Cartier is well known to all for producing products of high quality and top craftsmanship. Especially Cartier watches, they are the favorite selections of the rich and celebrities. Apart from the great reputation, Cartier is making efforts to become the first brand of innovation in the Swiss Horology and it has reached a great success on this aspect in the passed several years. In 2008, the SIHH awarded the Best Jewelry Watch prize to Cartier’s Cirque Animalier Panda motif. In 2010, it released the Cartier Captive watch which is destined to win the hearts of the international women. I Love Cartier Replica Watches Innovative design is Cartier’s recent focus. Its latest watches brought a fresh air to the vintage collections. By the first sight at Cartier ID One Concept watch, you will be shocked the creative design. It resembled the Ballon Bleu de Cartier with its own charm. It was designed to work perfectly with immaculate quality and craftsmanship. It is the only watch which doesn’t need extra decoration or adjustment in any of its parts. Every part is in perfect consistence with others. It has a “Zerodur hairspring” crafted from a type of ceramics with fantastic resistance to a high range of temperatures, playing a significant part in the accuracy of the movement. Besides, the balance wheel, the lever and the escape wheel are in Carbon Crystal design. The shifting escapement cage has a powerful shock resistance, able to absorb force and reduce impact damage. The “Niobium Titanium” case is crafted from hypoallergenic alloy that is superior to steel.

The watch case measured 46mm makes the watch good-looking. Cartier ID One Concept watch is really a blend of design and technique. Since it is a mere concept, this watch is not on sale yet. The carbon dial with stripes is accented with oversized Roman numeral markers except the skeleton tourbillon at 6 o’clock. The central hour and minute hands are available. The watch crown with sapphire top is healed at the right hand side. It is finished with a linen strap and a deployment buckle for easy attachment.

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