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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauty Of Belt - Belts With Different Materials

As we know, the value of a piece of belt consists of its character, design and color, and fastener. Belts in different materials will manifest different styles due to its different processes. The leather belts also include various types. For example, the leather belt above is made of yellow cow hide. Its features are as follows. The grain side is so delicate and the cortex is so thick that it employs a good elasticity. The made-up articles are beautiful and endurable. This belts made of this material will be very valuable. The color of the belt is brown which is popular with many people. The fastener is very usual, but it shows its shine fully when matching with the belts in this color and in this material. This belt is just one set of our belts. We offer many kinds of belts in different leather materials. This kind of belts is made of the PU leather. PU is the abbreviation of polyurethane and the PU leather is an artificial one. The process of making this material is so complicated that its price is not very low. The belts made by PU will be very soft. And its odour is also very light. It will not bring you a nasty smell. Its price will be comparative lower than that of the genuine leather. The PU belt is also endurable. If some proper decorative patterns are imprinted on it and the fastener is in high quality, the cost price of the belts will be very high. The belt above is in this case. To our surprise, its fastener is designed complicatedly and beautifully. Now our company offers many of these belts in different style and we will guarantee them. This kind of nylon belts is the 2010 newest design. As we know, nylon is a kind of synthetic polyamide fibres like the silk. The nylon belts are essential for wading safety and wide for extra comfort. The fastener of the belt above is adjustable. And the buckle is made of black stainless steel blade. It is suitable for all people for one size fits all. Although it looks like an average belt with a classy buckle, it has its own features. If you tend to go for the gusto in all things and look for a toughest and mostest belt, I think this super-strong nylon web belt is your best choice. Its price is absolutely low. Its design is variable and is accessible. Its quality is reliable. If you are a belt collector, it’s a good chance to have it. These belts are just like clothes which will make you have a weird feeling and give you natural feeling.