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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jessica Simpson with Louis Vuitton

Jessica Simpson will tell you when she’s had enough

Hey, Jessica Simpson, ya feel me on that. The long-term boyfriend broke up with you the day before your birthday. And thatsincredibly shit, and I was a little off-the-rails now. So you drink and party, and earned C ridiculous, and everyone says you are very obviously not throw in a moment.

But please, if you can feel here in something other than a body Great flower girl. Life is the best revenge, as they say, andthis Outfit has been confidence, confident mood. Im not sure what the next collection of humor Laura Ashley, actually. But cankeep C a Louis Vuitton bag that goes with everything, even the spectacle of terror. Another drink, honey.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tanabata Valentine's Gift

Prior to just listen to the elders Yueqi Guo Cowboy and the Girl Weaver's story, it would be China's Romeo and Juliet of the bar. The story had not heard too many feelings. A few years ago from the West, "2.14 Valentine's Day" has been busy too No, but the Tanabata was just a legend. Do not know where to began, merchants, are all played at the Qi Bayue "Tanabata Shopping Festival" slogan, the scale of catching up, "Valentine's Day 2.14", "Tanabata" immediately entered into our line of sight, also, and Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat festival, like to become a bigger way, a. The difference is that it is for pairs of couples. The Legend of Love have these modern, and finally addition of an excuse for my dear him (her) to prepare a gift to express my mind.
Tanabata Valentine's Gift
Looked at the streets of "Tanabata hot," a label, what clothes, shoes, hats, food, alcohol and tobacco all with "Tanabata" overtones. However, Notes on personal opinion, if you send her Valentine's Day flowers, Christmas send-off diamond ring, then the Tanabata must choose a more innovative gift. Need not be expensive, if not necessarily famous. But must be unique and unique. So, this week we go to Beijing's most fashionable, the young store to pick Tanabata --- Beijing Gong Lue gift.

Say, would like to know Beijing's most avant-garde nowadays the most fashionable dress, and went to Beijing Gong Lue. Because there is not only stylish enough to sell things, even the young owner of MM were also dressed one by one avant-garde enough, they can even say that one is a popular one specimen, that offer distinctive, bold and warm. To buy strange, unlike the public goods Dongdong, there will certainly worthy of your stroll. I have deliberately about a pair of sweet couple DD, and XX a stroll together, our task is selected for both of the Tanabata an impressive gift.

Recommendation 1: strange egg doll and her husband his wife Honey, if your lively and lovely, then Jiusong Dongdong him a nice little bar. The best choice for a pair of really cute to a pile of.

There are many in Beijing, Gong Lue six-shop selling gadgets, general points are KITTY cat and silver jewelry special shop. But I still prefer to bear strange color, select a pair of Papa Bear and Mama Bear bar. DD, and XX is more like this marked "husband", "wife" of the egg. Although a bit like imitation idol drama, but romance was impress.

Recommendation 2: to buy new clothes for her Beijing Raiders six-, seven-story, most of the shops sells fashionable avant-garde clothing, and large shopping malls, as well as boutique clothing is very different. Each one can attract the eye. So hurry for him (her) selection of one, with your vision come to dress her. DD likes XX wear very feminine clothes, so make sure you pick a red skirt; for the DD selection of clothing really is not easy, may be our vision is too critical on the bar. Or buy a trinket for his good. "If you want to wear it when my bar," the time to send accessories such dialogue must say.

Recommendation 3: The Eternal lovers lovers this summer was a complete mess popular, so I do not say much, and Tanabata known as China's Valentine's Day, couples are always wear a fitted wear. No matter how selected, how to mix what lovers than direct his (or her) picture printed on the clothing, and the next to add the words "I will always love you" more hot then?! In Beijing, there are special six-Raiders couples shirt printing shop. There are a hand-painted shop is dedicated to draw patterns on the clothes and shoes, it seems to be sophisticated than India, but can not draw pictures. In addition to couples installed, as well as couples pattern printed pillow, socks, glasses, gloves. In short everything can be printed up painting Dongdong, you can give it to hire a "couple." And your using the same Dongdong Honey, this is the most direct declaration of love.