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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unique and Beautiful Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a traditional festival in western countries, though we all know what the most representative Christmas gift is, Christmas gift varies a lot every year. As the originality has begun to approach our lives slowly, unique and beautiful Christmas gifts are needed to be well-designed. The first unique gift is called intimate grass, which needs no water or fertilization. When you miss someone or you feel lonely, you could talk to it, and it will give you response according to your mood and sound.

The second one is “Cats can steal money”, which is also known as cat piggy bank. In face of today’s soaring price, more and more people began to save money in order to cut costs. As long as you put the coins in the plate, the cat will stick its head out from the jar and secretly get the money with its small claw. The third one is the angle heart, which is not an ornament but a craft that is suitable to put in the bedroom. If you're tired of the rapid pace of city life, you can shake it gently in your hand, and the sound of church bells will be a relief. . The fourth one is nail monkey. Many girls may have encountered this kind of trouble that the newly polished nail is easily scratched. With the nail monkey, you could solve the problem by putting your hands under the mouth of the monkey and it will help dry your nail polish. The last one is named nodding doll, and you could also call it bush fairy. It loves to listen to others. It will nod or shake its head with smile when you speak to it. Whether you are happy or not, it will be happy to accompany you.