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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Louis vuitton women handbags

It is a fact that these kinds of handbags are a must for women. They need them to perfectly match their daily wardrobe and contain the trivial things in daily life. Such kinds of handbags are so charming that they persuade people to sacrifice monthly salary on the luxury consumption. Among so many famous brands, the most prevalent one goes to Louis Vuitton. Replica Louis Vuitton handbags are currently the representative of elegance, nobleness, personality and social status. Owning to replica LV handbags, we can get what we want from the genuine designer ones with only a small amount of money.

《绯闻女孩》Leighton Meester 5月出席纽约活动

LOUISVUITTON landing of China's largest flagship store in Vientiane City, Vientiane City, China Resources has also opened a commercial-hua Zhang 2. Vientiane City, in Shenzhen's largest, highest-quality modern business and commercial center, has attracted many international top brands, such as GUCCI, PRADA, MIUMIU, VERSACE, ARMANI, ZEGNA, GIVENCHY and so on, brings together top international luxury brands. With LV Ms Leung, Vientiane City, two series of international brands will also be introduced first-line appearance.

LV store in Shenzhen at Lo Wu, presenting before the people, is built by the famous surgeon elegant and fashionable shopping environment, two floors of the shop a total of more than 1.2 thousand square meters, the display, including men and women fashion, travel goods, watches , jewelry, and accessories such as Louis vuitton full range of products. "You could say that in Shenzhen Luohu shop, customers can not only enjoy the LV offers the most elegant shopping environment, you can also find and LV flagship store in Paris, the world's simultaneous release of goods." LVMH Chief Executive Officer of China Shi such a description Andre LV store.

This known as the "French palace-class luxury brand" in China's development plan? In the people of the "luxury", we are gradually transformed from conspicuous consumption, the process becomes a way of life, Louis vuitton women handbags will be how to interpret it in China, "luxury" road? Interview with Xinhua, Shi Andrea.