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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kylie Minogue Reveals kicks off

Earlier today we saw a short video clip from Kylie Minogue that teases her upcoming (and first ever) North American Tour which kicks off in Oakland, CA next week. A lovely little bird passed a long to me the handwritten setlist for Kylie’s tour and altho I tried not to look … I couldn’t help it … I had to look. And so … for those of you interested, I’ll share the setlist with all y’all:

Kylie Minogue Reveals kicks off

BUT, I’ll only make it available to those of you who can’t wait and really want to see the setlist before the first show even takes place. Trust me, I understand how important it is to stay away from tour spoilers but I couldn’t resist … the source was very beguiling ;) IF YOU SO DESIRE, you can see the setlist — written in Kylie’s own handwriting — of the upcoming Kylie Minogue North American Tour …

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rolex Sea-Dweller Watches

Rolex Sea-Dweller Watches History History Sea Dweller watch is the exciting and interesting. The First Sea Dweller watches were created to maintain the pressure at sea diving to 2000 meters. Sea Dweller The first sample was created in 1967.Sailing watches offer their owners a wealth of functions and features to explore and admire. This type of timepiece, used traditionally for sailors and yachtsmen, is a great addition to any collector’s assortment of watches.

When looking for a good sailing watch, one should bear certain things in mind. If you are a sailor (or a collector with particular tastes for authenticity) then you would be wise to pick a watch that has a digital compass, a tide graph, and a barometer. This watch is known as the Dweller DEEPSEA Wed Another model shows known as the Perpetual Sea Dweller can dive to 4000 feet. Many diving record was recorded with the seabed Rolex Sea-Dweller Watches. They became known as the highest level of water-tight watch on the market. Rolex Sea-Dweller Sea Inhabitants The watch features unique to show almost any other. The face is similar in style to other Rolex watches. The clock face is completely air and water tight to prevent corrosion of internal parts in water or salt water.These items are essential for all sailors and yachtsmen. You should also look out for watches that have thermometers as well.

The original Rolex Sea Dweller is very expensive. It is designed to be used by deep sea divers and other professionals working in and around water. For people who just want the clock design, or if you want some of the same features for a lower price, a Sea Dweller replica is an excellent alternative.