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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kylie Minogue Reveals kicks off

Earlier today we saw a short video clip from Kylie Minogue that teases her upcoming (and first ever) North American Tour which kicks off in Oakland, CA next week. A lovely little bird passed a long to me the handwritten setlist for Kylie’s tour and altho I tried not to look … I couldn’t help it … I had to look. And so … for those of you interested, I’ll share the setlist with all y’all:

Kylie Minogue Reveals kicks off

BUT, I’ll only make it available to those of you who can’t wait and really want to see the setlist before the first show even takes place. Trust me, I understand how important it is to stay away from tour spoilers but I couldn’t resist … the source was very beguiling ;) IF YOU SO DESIRE, you can see the setlist — written in Kylie’s own handwriting — of the upcoming Kylie Minogue North American Tour …

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