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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fashion Maintaining Watches People Love

Nowadays, with the development of economy and society, people pay more attention to the quality of life. Most people wear watches to beautify themselves. However, few people know how to maintain their favorite watches. I am very fond of watches. I would like to share my ways of maintaining watches.

First of all, watches should be placed in the place where there are dryers. This will prevent damage due to the water intrusion.

Secondly, watches should avoid tissue to contact with water. Water can make watches become hard and smell odd. As a result, watches are easy to be broken. Take me for example, once I washed my hands and arms, I was not used to taking off the watch, my watch was always broken quickly. What’s more, when there is something wrong with your watches, they should be sent to the watch shop as soon as possible. Many people would rather fix watches by themselves than send them to the shop. They think they can make watches work again. As a matter of fact, this behavior does great harm to watches.

Lastly but most importantly, any watches should not be worn in the bathroom or in warm places, although your watches can resist water. As we know, the seal knot of the watch is made up of rubber which is easy to aging once heated. Besides, water droplets around are very small so that they penetrate through the watch case easily. So the interiors of mechanical components become broken easily and quickly. As a result, I would like to say: “Do not be lazy! When you are in the bathroom, please take off your watch consciously. If you do that, your watch will always be with you.”

In conclusion, watches should be maintained. There are many ways of maintaining watches. We should remember watches should be placed in dry places and avoid tissue to contact with water. I believe that our watches will become more and more beautiful as long as we are good at maintaining them in daily life.