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Friday, September 10, 2010

A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Hand-Wound Watch

A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Hand-Wound Watch
The Zeitwerk Hand-Wound Watch by German watch maker A. Lange & Sohne turned a new page in the mechanical watch-making insudry. And this year’s updated e Zeitwerk Luminous model pushes this revolution to a new high.

For me, the A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Luminous has two very attractive aspects. The first one is the semi-skeletonized dial that impresses everyone even at the very first glimspe. Covered by a a semi-opaque crystal, the dial tells hours and minutes via the window at 9 and 3 o’clock respetively. The well-known time bridge, crafted from PVD-coated German silver, also contains a small second subsidiary dial. Above the bridge, there sits the power reserve indicator. The second attractive part, as the watch title suggests, is the SuperLuminova application. The numerals for the hour and minutes have been coated with luminescent substance that ensure several-hour optimal time reaing in darkness. Now, the new A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Luminous takes the idea even further.Unfortunately, while the original Zeitwerk was available in rose, yellow and white gold, as well as platinum, the Zeitwerk Luminous comes only in an expensive platinum body, which makes it a really expensive piece of work.

Like the original Zeitwerk, the Zeitwerk Luminous watch is driven by the Caliber L043.1. This in-house manual-wind movement, composed of 388 parts, beats at a frequncy of 18,000 vph. With a thickness at 9.3 mm, it allows the case constructed in a height of just 12.6mm.
A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk (Ref. 140.035) watch specification
Price range: N/A, around €60,000
Movement: Lange L043.1, hand-wound, 388 parts, 68 jewels, 18,000 vph, in-house, 9.3 mm high, 33.6 mm in diameter
Complications: Power reserve, jumping hourds and minutes, stop seconds

Thursday, September 9, 2010

YSL Tribute Replica- The Deserved Loyalty Partner

YSL, which has its own rules, regulations and principles, sets up the great brand within a year. All these achievements should thanks to the prominent idea of its designers. After that, other fashion industries of this generation try to follow YSL to reach the fashion status. YSL is the alif of "Yves Saint Laurent", the name of the creator. His partner is "Pierre Berg". In the periods of 1960-1970 the fashion chic like safari jackets for men and women, beatnik glance, tight big pants, the thigh tall boots are very popular. Some of the most well-known and impressive collection of this brand contain the Picasso, ballet russes, pop art and the Chinese ones are also beloved by the broad masses. After that, it turns out to be one of the foremost fashion merchandise companies in the world.

YSL Tribute Replica- The Deserved Loyalty Partner

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ways of Preventing Cell Phones Being Stolen or Robbed

With the development and progress of the times, owning cell phones is no longer an unreachable dream for people. On the contrary, almost everyone has become a cell phone owner. Just because of this, thieves grab this so-called commercial opportunity, causing large quantity of stealing and robbery without any constraint and then selling them right away, whatever the brands are. However, in current society, the cost of losing a mobile phone is far more than the price of the mobile phone itself, for people may lose many important people’s ways of contact. I’ve experienced the pain of losing a mobile phone, and I believe not a few people have experienced it as well. Therefore, knowing how to prevent our phones from being stolen or robbed is pretty necessary, and I will remind you of some occasions as well as some precautions you should pay attention to.

Several Most Unsafe Places to Hold Cell Phones

Undoubtedly, a cell phone placed in the pocket of a coat is most likely to be stolen, especially one decorated with a strap, for many people may leave their straps outside the pocket after finishing the phone call.

Perhaps, someone believe that it will be safer if they use their mobile phones to listen to the music with the headphones, actually, it doesn’t work at all. In addition, never have yours around the neck, for it’s easier to be robbed in a very short time.

Some Occasions You Need to Enhance Your Vigilance

Use yours as less as possible in the places where robberies happen frequently, such as the railway station, bus station, and large supermarket. And if someone strange to you want to use yours, remember not to let it out of your sight, in case of the daylight robbery.

What We Can Do

Compared with the passive measures above, initiative ones are more helpful. First of all, you can try to tie a small bell to your cell phone. Once you hear the bell ring, there is plenty of time for you to take care of yours to let the thief quit.

Moreover, you can leave no chances for the thieves by using the earphone to make or receive calls when you are walking in the streets or in any other public occasion. Besides, avoid walking and using mobile phones at the same time, for you won’ t be too worried about the thieves around you.

All in all, in all ages, guarding against theft is not that easy, however, the key to success always lie in your alert mind.