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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Edifice introduced the concept of a new F1 car radio watch

F1 Red Bull Racing, most recently with the watch brand Edifice as a partner. Red Bull Racing in 2009 with the help of advanced technology has a very good result. In addition to the team runner-up to 153.5 separation, there are also two drivers to squeeze into the top five year record of success. But as a partner, Edifice use the same advanced technology in order to re-launch the concept of hair like a new car models in Table EQW-M710. And select sponsors Taiwan Hanss Lin Po Heng, who is Taiwan's first and only year the international Formula One drivers championship, the record of the Asian Formula race wins records, so far no breakthrough.

Edifice introduced the concept of a new F1 car radio watch

Motorsport can be said to set the culmination of vehicle technology and to challenge the limits of human endurance a sport. Among them, the top of the F1 race, for any very small details, to be preoccupied with, the time was to be able to accurately grasp the decimal 4.

Edifice with technology while also preserving the texture and weight advantages. EQW-M710 In addition to carrying the world's six Bureau of receiving radio waves, and solar charging function; the surface from the design of automotive tachometer, a long needle is 1 / 10 seconds, at 3 o'clock to 1 seconds, 1 / 100 meter is located at 9 o'clock position; computable to 1 / 100 second stopwatch bright red 3-pin fast time simulation at the same time the pleasure of fast racing. In addition, the table as the exterior lines of the whole body is full of muscle tone, EQW-M710 has two styles, a black face plate and blue face plate.