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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Women favorite Cartier Chanel Earl

Limelight Party Disco Ball
Women favorite Cartier Chanel Earl
No woman does not love jewelry, and no woman is willing to refuse to watch the intellectual beauty. When the luxury jewelry case of a cool watch, has become the favorite woman in mind by the increasing number of rich women their pursuit. Hoogewerf Institute research shows that the most wealthy Chinese women always loved jewelry watches Cartier, Chanel count, and the middle.
"For many of our women business owners, they mainly concentrated in the optional watch Cartier and Hermes. Not long ago, a woman boss spent 6 million, bought a block of Hermes." Owns the Many small and medium business operators Kingdee Friends of the network reporters on the financial weekly said Regal Office learned from the women, the group that Cartier and Hermes than the "intriguing", "Xuan Fu," "explosion" .
Although the OL more choices Longines, but in fact, whether rich or OL, watch when they choose, but also wanting to buy the classic models.
Cartier ballonbleu de Cartier Series
The summer of 2007, there is the "emperor's jewelers, jewelers of the Emperor," the reputation of the Cartier brand worldwide simultaneous launch of a new watch - the "Blue Balloon" (ballonbleu de Cartier). Use of large round convex sapphire crown, precious metals protect bow and three-dimensional case, resulting in a unique sense of suspended flu and the future.
Earl Limelight Party Series
Hong Kong director Wong Fu-Lian International Group, while accepting the Hoogewerf interview, says that their most popular watch brand is Earl. Earl (Piaget) watch the value proposition is "table altar jewelry master." In 2007, Earl of Limelight Party launched a series of watches, which one of the most worthy of recommendation models when the number of Limelight Party Disco Ball female form. The same as Chanel J12 watches.

New York luxury store

New York luxury store
New York luxury store
Gucci is the world's leading luxury brands in one of its products with unique designs and quality materials, became a symbol of elegance and luxury. Guccio Gucci by Gucci founded the Kingdom was founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy, this legendary brand begins with a business and small leather goods luggage shop.
Guccio Gucci hotels in London, worked for many years after the elegant aesthetics of the British aristocracy and elegant taste are beginning to have experience, and that this sentiment created by the Tuscan master cobbler, and built a successful introduction of fine Italian leather. From 40 to late 60's, Gucci successively launched the "bamboo bag", "Jackie O" shoulder bag, printed scarves and a series of classic design, in which horse title with a classic casual shoes, accessories deduction has become a New York Mets Museum of Art Costume Institute's permanent collection is one. Now,
Gucci products are covered by clothing, shoes, handbags, watches, home accessories, pet supplies, scarves and neckties, perfumes and other areas subject to numerous aristocratic gentleman sought after, become a unique luxury brand kingdom.
Gucci has a store in Beijing Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai and that shops are relatively deserted, few people go, that is, visitors who go to visit, since not many people buy.

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