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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are Married Men with Black Wedding Ring

For some couples who are busy preparing their glorious gothic wedding they know the gothic subculture so well that the goth community is intimately connected by common interests in music, literature, fashion, etc. And various niches have been written in gothic wedding planning with much focus attaching to the cake, the venue, the music and other elements, yet few articles are about the gothic wedding rings.

As a matter of fact, some couples inclined to the gothic subculture usually find that the tungsten black wedding ring strikes them as the second to none option regarding to the best gothic wedding rings. Though a relatively new concept in jewelry design and manufacture, black wedding ring is considered as an incarnation of versatility, modernity and unconvenetionality. It can complement all of their other jewelry or clothing to perfection.

Before the single male readers rush out to purchase fake wedding rings as a means of appealing to women, you should know that an experimental study failed to find any evidence of a wedding ring effect (Uller & Johansson, 2003). Female participants interacted with one of two men who either wore or did not wear a wedding ring. Subsequently, they rated the men along several metrics. Wearing a wedding ring did not increase the attractiveness of the wearer nor did it augment the likelihood of the women wishing to engage in either a short or long-term relationship with the ring wearer. In a more recent study, Italian researchers found that the likelihood of a woman finding a partnered man attractive depends on where she is in her menstrual cycle as well as whether she is partnered or not (Bressan & Stranieri, 2008). This might explain the null effect in the first study.

Black tungsten jewelry is available in various styles and widths to fit every wearer. It is recommended that black tungsten jewelry that is manufactured from cobalt binder should be avoided since it is a skin irritant. Black tungsten jewelry retain their color from an anodized outer that may fade away with time passing by. If it does, it is recommended that you should go for a similar ceramic black ring instead.