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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to wear your watch with picture tell you

Want to know how to wear your wath? Just spend a few minutes and you wll know what is the best way to wear your watches.

I read a post in a watches community where someone ask how to wear a watch:

First, let’s look at how Chinese traditional medicine teach you how to wear your unique watch.

In the traditional medicine of China, men’s blood folw from heart twig to left side, but women is contra. Therefor man wear watch with right hand, women wear left hand. Otherwise, your watches will affect your health.

Here is four ways to wear your watch

First, just follw your heart whatever ways you wear your watch as long as you fell comfortable.

Upside Down

I don’t like this way to wear my watch for it make me fell weird

Over Your Shirt

Some people like this way to show his own style.

Either “My skin is sensitive to metal” or “I got dressed in the dark.”


Great..Fell free to wear whatever you like.

“It belonged to my grandfather. He was a heavyset man.”

Not at All

“I consider myself a free spirit. I write on unlined paper. Also, I am never on time, ever.”

A few more tips on wearing your watch to better enjoy your watch world

1.Please take off watch before sleep.especial luminous watch, it with if sleeping with watch not only reduce watch life but also will bring bad effect to your health.

2.Turn watch crown about 20–30 times when first wear.

3.Avoid watch touch water,steam ,high temperature and rusty air,also speaker, TV etc

4.Get rid of the humidity by slicon rubber grain if watch wet.

5.Drop some watch with teeth paste and clear, the watch will be like new one.

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