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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Consumers Save Money at

An online Japanese retailer specializing in replica Rolex watches,, gives consumers worldwide affordable solutions to maintaining their image through market slowdowns and credit crunches facing numerous global economies.

“It’s hard enough when market fluctuations come on suddenly, leaving someone with fewer resources unexpectedly,” says James Henderson, Managing Director of Hause Watches Partnership Ltd. (which operates “They don’t need the embarrassment rubbed in their face when people notice they’ve had to sell off something like their real Rolex watches. At, we give them choices that make it easier for them to keep their pride until the market improves again – no one has to know they’re wearing a replica.”

While down markets are a reason consumers might look to replica watches, they also serve other purposes. For example, an owner of a real Rolex watch might prefer not to wear it on a day-to-day basis (either for security reasons or to cut down on the wear and tear on the watch). In that case, the watch owner might buy an identical replica Rolex watch to keep the appearance of their real watch for casual wear, while actually keeping that real Rolex in a private and safe location.

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