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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Boxers amassed in Beijing

In the summer of 1900, murderous anti-foreign rebels known as the Boxers amassed in Beijing. Diplomats, foreign civilians and Chinese Christians hastily retreated to the capital’s legation quarter, where they held out for 45 days until the Eight-Nation Alliance came to their rescue...

I was told that Daniel Boulud – the French restaurateur behind some of the world’s most acclaimed eateries - has remained “very, very involved” since he left his Maison à Pekin in the capable hands of his general manager and three head chefs, all of whom have worked for years with Boulud in New York.

It is a team that has experience impressing the world’s most formidable critics - people who regularly review the finest eateries of New York, London and Paris, people that don’t miss a trick. My recent frame of reference is Beijing..

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