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Monday, May 4, 2009

Head Flattening, Elongation and Lip Stretching

Today I don't know what i shoult write.
Today it happen very more thing than other.
My friend July tell me she must go to shoping with me,and want to buy LV handgags,but do you think the LV handbag's price is very high,so I don't what can I do ?
And my friend Bon just tell me want to go to play game at his home.but today i must go to work.He is my very friendly friend.Play and go to school with him again and again.
Tell me whjy?

Elongated heads have been as popular as flattened heads. A Congo woman with an elongated head would be thought very beautiful by her people.

Similarly a Chad woman would have had her lips supported and stretched by metal rings since early childhood. In adulthood her stretched lips would express the ultimate in beauty. Western society has not gone quite this far, but it is now fashionable for some women to have collagen injections and implants to enlarge the lips.

Extremes include plastic surgery where the lips are turned inside out and although some find this an attractive feature on a woman, many do not and are repulsed by it.


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