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Monday, August 3, 2009

Luxury Louis Vuitton handbags

Luxury home Luxury Louis Vuitton handbags in their culture and taste means that, while in China demonstrate wealth and status may be the most important. Both buyers and sellers think, they will be a fundamental departure from the spirit of luxury. Luxury goods to the customer service staff lack of respect is a brand of their own cultural ignorance. Consumers think that good service is also the case of 1000 in accordance with Baishun misunderstanding, I am more willing to use the Ritz-Carlton hotel service concept to explain: We are ladies and gentlemen of the service men and women.

Fifth Avenue in New York to see the Louis Vuitton store on being repaired, 34 meters high on the screen marked: This restaurant is the decoration, if you need to purchase products, go to No. × × Street store to another. After a glimpse, where some feel that strange to see a return, did not realize that they are written in Chinese. Compatriots in the purchasing power of strong emotion, but also have a small wish: to spend money and make money at the same time, how many understand the culture of some Luxury Louis Vuitton handbags, to be reserved for consumers, or more elegant to allow a number of transactions.

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