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Monday, August 3, 2009

Fashion Designer Handbags with luxury

Fashion Designer Handbags with luxury
At present, with the devastation of the luxury markets in Europe and United States, Arnault still can see the hope from Chinese markets, especially Chinese emerging marker which of continuous prosperity, according to LVMH, the contribution of Chinese area for Louis Vuitton has nearly achieved 20% global revenues last year.

Well, fashion has a "skirt the law", said to be the worse economic conditions, women who will be the longer the skirt. They explained that those who bowl, it is because when the economic environment is poor, women had to put down the lipstick eyebrow pencil, put away the short skirts and put out of work long. However, in the face of the 2008 global financial crisis, the law no longer seems the true honest. We found that the more depressed the economy, fashion circle of life is the more extravagant luxury fans.

There were evidence: to Louis Vuitton, Dior, Balmain, represented by France, a public brand, as if the general consensus is, one after another so that the model wearing the mini-skirt swaying posture of Health, follow small platform high heels through the streets in the T body clothes is a match to a bright, golden, red, dazzling leopard let people see, there are those who exaggerate the big shoulder pads, big jewelry, arrogance seems to have let you return to the illusion of economic prosperity unparalleled 80 of the last century era.

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