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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From Replica Tiffany Rings with Love

If you happen to be a married lady, you must still remember the scene where you two were standing side by side in the small but warm church, in front of the Father. You are sure to remember the sunlight coming in through the stained window glasses, the sweet smell from the hydrangea, and maybe till now you still hear the wedding bells resound at some place far away. The smiling faces, the applause and the good wishes of your relatives and friends, the wedding dress, the flower boy and flower girl, the vows, the “yes, I do”, the kissing and throwing flower ball…Yes, they have been so deeply planted in your brain and you are never going to forget every single detail, no matter how many years will pass by. What? I’ve missed something important? Oh, the rings! And you exchanged wedding rings. You took out the ring with your heart filled with excitement and joy and you looked at it…well, um…the stone is small but, whatever. They’re all beautiful and unforgettable, except for the rings which leave you a tinge of regret. However, life goes on and love between you two never stops. You feel rather satisfied and you don’t think there’s anything special you still need, until you pass the windows of the Tiffany’s shop.

You’re astonnished by the delicacy of the rings inside. You lift your hand and see your ring, and you sigh for the first time since you got married. You decide to buy one for yourself but you can not afford that with the little savings in your bank account. You want to ask your husband for help but when you see him come back from work, exhausted and not so glad, you just bite the words back.

But oneday you hear from your friends that there’s one perfect solution for the problem – the replica jewelries, which look the same as the authentic ones and the material is pretty fine, and what makes you even more excited is that the prices are absolutely low.

I know what’s in your mind, what you need, and what you care about. For more information, please go to my site where what you see is what it really is.

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